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    We do not run any ads ,all listing and marketing material on our socials is currently free. We are paying for expenses maintenance Constant Development, new features , Hosting and Domain Costs.

    Most of the work is done with community colaboration but we would love to payback to the community. If you feel so inclined, please donate to help keep this site clean and inclusive for the community.

    Why donate Ergcube?

    Main purpose of setting this page is to be able to provide weekly/monthly giveaways to the community. Donations to ErgCube will be used for covering the basic expenses, remaining funds will be used for community marketing (Giveaways)

    All Txs will be listed at bottom of this page ,full transparency of where funds were spent

  • Donation list

    9ejQZf7gCwu4CUu5Ym4X.....QjnCQis8XJwp5w3oyfVRT 50 ERG

    9g9emQ8345VBw5n4t4owbA3jBw.....kxqvRZWWtD7 40 ERG